Could the Steelers have three 1000-yard receivers in the 2023 season?

A pass intended for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens (14) goes incomplete in the end
A pass intended for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens (14) goes incomplete in the end / Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY
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3 reasons the Steelers might not have three 1000-yard receivers

While it’s an enticing thought that the Steelers could become one of the few teams to have a trio of 1000-yard receivers, more than likely, it may not happen. It’s only happened five times since 1980. However, their failure to reach this mark will have little to do with the talent of their receivers.  

One obstacle to the Steelers getting three 1000-yard receivers is their running game. When you draft two big men like Broderick Jones and Darnell Washington, you are getting them because they like knocking people on their posterior. Why? So Mike Tomlin can run the wheels off of Najee Harris.

A 2nd barrier could be Matt Canada himself. His playcalling has taken its lumps. Everything from no audibles, no hot routes, not enough deep shots, or not utilizing certain players. Whatever the criticism Canada’s playcalling must improve and allow a vertical passing game utilizing all the receivers. If he does that, then there is no doubt the Steelers receivers have the talent.

Third is the quarterback himself, Kenny Pickett. Pickett is still far from being put in the same conversation as Bradshaw and Roelithsberger. Nonetheless, he played impressively, nearly getting the Steelers into the playoffs. He should continue to improve, but whether he can take his game to the next level and do things Ben Roethlisberger never did is yet to be seen.

Next. Never say never about J.J. Watt coming out of retirement to play for the Steelers. dark

A team with a trio of 1000-yard receivers is a rare and impressive feat. The interesting situation with the Steelers is they managed to improve blocking on the offensive line, which will immediately impact their passing game. It’s not like the Steelers have not had a talented wide receiver group before, but now they have one with depth. They have the potential for a big play with every pass. It will be exciting to see how the 2023 season evolves, especially in the passing game.