Darius Slayton now slated as a top trade option for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are now tied to Darius Slayton in trade rumors as this speculation will not end until they upgrade at WR.
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Trade rumors are not going to stop around the Steelers for the foreseeable future. Omar Khan has been active in the trade market since becoming the General manager of the black and gold. He is not afraid to make deals, and most of his moves on the trade market have been successful. There are a couple of weak points on the roster right now that could use an upgrade or two.

Pittsburgh will try and fill those needs after having a busy offseason. Ideally, the Steelers will be able to fill those holes between now and the start of training camp. Giving new players an adjustment period is something that always does more good than bad. When you look at potential needs for this roster heading into training camp there are some obvious ones.

None are more prevalent than their second outside wide receiver. They have a ton of options who could be capable, but they could look at adding someone from the outside who they know is able. The second starting receiver spot became vacant after the Diontae Johnson trade. The Steelers need to add a bonified starter to fill that void.

Could adding Darius Slayton via trade make sense for the Steelers?

Add Darius Slayton's name to the list of potential receiver additions during this late portion of the offseason. With OTAs starting around the NFL, some players have decided to sit out in hopes of a new contract. Slayton is one of those players as he hopes to gain a new deal from the New York Giants. There are a few hiccups when it comes to his future in the Big Apple.

Slayton is now in a crowded room of receivers with the Giants. With a young receiver room in New York, Slayton may lose snaps to the younger guys. It could push his role down or even potentially make him available to ship out of town. Add in the fact that he is sitting out of OTAs in hopes of getting an extension and it only adds more fire to the trade winds.

Pittsburgh would be wise to place a call with the Giants to gauge his availability. He only costs about eight million against the cap this season. The Steelers just opened cap space around the draft, so they will use it somewhere. Re-signing Slayton would likely come from adding him via trade too. It would make sense for him to demand a two to three-year deal that pays him roughly eight to ten million per season.

There might be better options out there, but adding Slayton would be a more reasonable option to acquire. He has not proven to be a top guy in the NFL, but he is a solid second option who could take some pressure off of George Pickens. The Steelers should place a call to see if Slayton is available and take things from there. They need a second receiver for their offense and this player would be a nice addition.

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