Deciphering if the Steelers should target some of the Titans' recent cap casualties

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Creating cap space is something that every team is looking to accomplish at this point in the offseason. Clubs need to find interesting ways to get some extra spending cash to create a more dynamic roster for the upcoming season. The Tennessee Titans were in a heap of cap trouble, but they were able to make some moves to open some cash to get under the ceiling.

More moves seem to be on the horizon for the Titans as they are struggling to field a competitive team in 2023. That should be music to the Steelers' ears as they look for potential cheap additions that could be booming candidates on bargain deals. Tennessee's trash could be Pittsburgh's treasure if the black and gold see fit.

Randy Bullock could be a challenging veteran kicker for the Steelers

Randy Bullock was one of the first to see the door shown his way as the Titans decided to let him go. He had been the kicker for the club going on two seasons now, and that's after entering the NFL in 2013. He has never had the strongest leg in the league, but he is a consistent kicker that could provide some depth if his opportunities dry up.

Chris Boswell had a poor season with the Steelers in 2022. He battled injuries and struggled in many instances once he returned from that issue. Perhaps he had that injury linger into his return, or maybe this could become an issue that persists further.

No matter what the excuses are, the black and gold need to bring in viable competition for Boswell's starting job in the preseason. Bullock might not be the person the Steelers turn toward in that instance but kicking needs to be fixed in 2023 no matter if that is Boswell or someone else.