Evaluating the talent on the Steelers first edition of their 2023 Practice Squad

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Most of the dust has finally settled when it comes to the player movement for this time of year. The 53-man rosters are set right now despite a player being moved here and there. Those that were cut are either on new clubs, signed on practice squads, or are sitting out there as free agents. It has been an active past week in the NFL.

The Steelers have done a lot in this past week that has altered their entire roster heading into week one of the regular season. They made trades and other signings to try and secure the best roster heading into the season opener. Pittsburgh also made some signings to their initial practice squad and could make some other additions to the group soon.

Steelers still have openings to fill on their practice squad right now

Right now, the black and gold have three openings on their practice squad. Their initial press release had them signing nine players to the practice unit and other deals that are reportedly in the works. This group is far from being set and the Steelers will look at other options as they look to fill out depth with the practice players.

They have added some quality options to the practice unit and will probably finish signing the allowed 16-man practice squad soon. Some interesting players could come in and fill out the final three openings. Keep an eye on the news wire as the team looks for quality options and awaits players' decisions on where to sign. They have a solid group currently, but they have more room to expand this area of the club.