Every first-round pick in Pittsburgh Steelers history

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The start of the 1960s draft classes were overall failures by the Steelers

1960 (Pick 6): Jack Spikes (FB), TCU

Starting off the 1960s off poorly here as Jack Spikes was another failed selection by the black and gold. He decided to play in the NFL's then competing league at the time. Spikes would never join the Steelers after they selected him and had a decent career with the likes of the Dallas Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Oilers, and Buffalo Bills.

1961: No pick, traded to 49ers. Received Dicky Moegle. Traded away 1961 first round pick

This move seemed to somewhat work in the Steelers favor. Dicky Moegle was a good safety in the NFL, and the 49ers did not select any great talents for what Pittsburgh gave up in the trade. This deal did become somewhat soured because the club would deal Moegle away only a year later. He did have a great season in Pittsburgh that included six interceptions.

1962 (Pick 5): Bob Furguson (RB), Ohio State

The good news is that the Steelers were able to get a player to join them over another competing league. The bad news is that Bob Furguson was not able to have a long and successful career in the professional ranks. A head injury cut his career short and not too many impressive stats were laid out during his short playing days.

1963: No pick, traded to Chicago Bears. Received Rudy Bukich. Traded away 1963 first round pick.

Another hail Mary trade here by the Steelers as they hoped Rudy Bukich would be a saving grace at quarterback. He was a young and relatively inexperienced player in the league despite being employed by three clubs prior. He would get a chance to start for the black and gold, but those seasons were not successful.

1964 (Pick 10): Paul Martha (RB), Pittsburgh

A nice little story here as Paul Martha was picked by his hometown Steelers in the NFL draft. He would start on offense where he did not make much of an impact. Martha would make the transition to defensive back after a few years on offense, which gave his career new life. He would be a solid player for the Steelers after that switch.