Trade Scenarios Countdown: 5 opportunities for the Steelers to boost their team

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Pittsburgh could take a gamble at upgrading cornerback via trade

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Sometimes making a trade is a gamble and it takes those to find success. It could either backfire or it could make you seem like a genius. The Steelers have some obvious holes across their starting roster and cornerback is one of those areas of weakness. Trying to find a trade partner is not the easiest thing to do in the NFL.

Omar Khan has shown since taking over as General manager that he is not afraid to field trade calls and work towards a deal. Giving a call to a team that is already out of the season might be the best move. Calling the Carolina Panthers for their top cornerback playing right now might be a bold move, but adding someone like Donte Jackson might help this defense.

Both Levi Wallace and Patrick Peterson cannot remain the starting cornerbacks on the outside with how poorly they have played. Adding someone like Jackson provides a speed cornerback to their club that is in desperate need of a change of scenery. It would take a swap of late round picks and retained money by the Panthers to make this trade work.

It could also take Carolina taking on a cap dump contract from Pittsburgh to make everything cap compliant. The Steelers would get a cornerback who is super athletic and had prior quality seasons. He is struggling this year and that is where the gamble aspect comes in. He is also under contract past this season and that could tie up some money issues down the line.