Trade Scenarios Countdown: 5 opportunities for the Steelers to boost their team

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The Steelers could solidify their offensive front with an upgrade at center

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One of the most shocking developments on the offense has been how bad the offensive line has been during the early part of the year. Maybe they just need time to come together and function as a group. Mason Cole is now in his second season as the starting center for Pittsburgh. It has not gone to plan, and it has been bad thus far.

Cole is a leader for that group and needs to be a quality anchor for the offensive front. Sadly, that has not materialized and that is where the logic behind this trade comes in. The Steelers need a future at center and that is where Lloyd Cushenberry III comes in. A lot of things are bad for the Denver Broncos right now, especially on the front line.

Cushenberry has been one of their bright spots and has graded out much better than Cole so far this season. It might be hard to transition to a new center at this point in the season, but it is not the hardest thing to change over. Trying to find fixes on the go and give Kenny Pickett every opportunity to prove that he is the guy should be a top priority.

Another positive about this move is that Cushenberry is on an expiring contract after the season. He is coming off his rookie contract. If he plays well with Pittsburgh for the remainder of the season, then they could extend him to a new contract. Trading for someone like this center could bring in a potential future at a key position in the trenches.