From Gridiron to Olympics: Assembling an NFL flag football dream team for 2028

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games, Steelers / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Safety for this alteration of American football will need to have speed and the ability to tackle

Safety is another position that has a close similarity between the NFL game and flag football. They are considered the last line of defense in this game, and they can also be seen as helpers to the defensive backs in front of them. These players need to have closing speed and the ability to make the play by grabbing the flag and not letting players get behind them.

Derwin James makes a lot of sense here as he might be one of the best safeties in football right now. He can play different spots on the field and can help this team shake up some play calls. James could even sub in as a rusher if needed. Most of the safeties could. The biggest question about James will be his injury issues leading up to the Olympics.

Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Steelers gets the call that he made the team here and will start. A safety duo of James and Fitzpatrick is already unfair but add that to the fact that they will play against others that are not on their level and it’s a recipe for dominance. Fitzpatrick would be a great addition and checks all the boxes to fit this program.

Antoine Winfield Jr. rounds out the safety group here, but in reality, there could be plenty of quality safeties in the future that pop up. Winfield Jr. has been a quality safety for Tampa Bay since entering the league and could help as a rusher and as a safety that could fill a role like James would. He would be a great addition in a depth role depending on how big the rosters are allowed to be.

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