Game-Changing Moves: 4 roster shuffles to catapult the Steelers

Steelers can start trending in the right direction with these shake-ups to their starting lineup.
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2. Start Joey Porter Jr., bench Levi Wallace

For many fans, this might be an even easier decision than keeping Broderick Jones at left tackle for the Steelers. Through the first five games of the 2023 season, Levi Wallace has been a trainwreck on defense. Outside of a pair of interceptions that both came against the Raiders on Sunday Night Football, the results have been atrocious.

According to advanced stats from Pro Football Reference, Wallace has already been credited with allowing 24 receptions for 302 yards and 3 touchdowns in the first five games alone. These are some cringeworthy numbers, but the results could have been far worse. If you go back and put on the film against the Ravens, he easily could have given up another 80 yards in that game if not for dropped passes.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a young, talented, and freakishly rangy cornerback rotting on their bench. Rookie Joey Porter Jr. has been nothing more than a dime cornerback entering Week 7, and his snap count must go up.

The easiest solution is to thrust Porter into the starting lineup. While Porter primarily only plays left cornerback (LCB), Patrick Peterson is a seasoned veteran who should be able to kick over the right side as the team sends Wallace to the bench. This defense needs a spark, and Porter could offer exactly that.