How Steelers 2023 draft picks fit into depth chart

Broderick Jones Missouri v Georgia
Broderick Jones Missouri v Georgia / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Steelers put together one of the better draft classes in recent memory. But how will these players figure into the Steelers’ depth chart in 2023? Let’s dive into where each selection will slot into the depth chart and what role they will fill for this team.

Broderick Jones

Let’s begin this analysis with one major caveat: Mike Tomlin and the Steelers prefer to bring rookies along slowly. Think about how Kenny Pickett began last year as the third-string quarterback or how Juju Smith-Schuster had to work his way up the depth chart. Many of these players quickly become impact starters, but Tomlin’s strategy of patience has paid dividends in the past. 

With that in mind, please do not freak out when Broderick Jones is not the first-string left tackle when training camp begins. Even though Dan Moore Jr. has been relatively inconsistent over the last two years, he is the incumbent, and Jones will have to beat him out to earn the job. Moore has been the Steelers starting left tackle for the last two years, and while he’s had his share of struggles, he’s also put together some very good performances.  

Nevertheless, I expect Jones to be the starting left tackle come Week 1. Jones is an elite athlete at the position and needs more reps to keep improving. He is a younger player with fewer than 20 starts and 1500 snaps at the collegiate level. His issues are technical, and the best way to resolve them is to get him on the field and have him learn by experience. 

That will also help him build chemistry with the left guard, most likely Isaac Seumalo. It will also give him more experience playing next to his college teammate, Darnell Washington, with whom he already has some chemistry. Putting Jones beside someone he’s already comfortable with should help his developmental arc. 

Verdict: Starting Left Tackle