How the Steelers match up with potential NFL Playoff opponents

  • Steelers playoff path could be through the Wild Card
  • Ravens will be a tough playoff matchup
  • We don't want anything to do with the Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers
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3. Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are an interesting placement on this list, as they are currently the best team in the AFC, however, they are also a team that the Steelers are very familiar with. While neither the Steelers nor the Ravens would want to play each other, this rivalry will keep nearly every game close.

Each team knows each other's tendencies so well, and no team defends Lamar Jackson better than the Steelers, as they hit him on every running play, regardless if it's handed off or not, to ensure that they don't get sucked in by the play fake. Additionally, they will likely be without Jackson's top weapon, Mark Andrews which would significantly help the Steelers in stopping this offense.

However, the Ravens have two players on offense that are dangerous when Jackson gets the ball to them. Keaton Mitchell and Zay Flowers are both extremely dynamic playmakers who have demonstrated their speed and athleticism by hitting home run plays for touchdowns. The Steelers' defense is susceptible to big plays, which makes the two of them nightmares to play against in a potential playoff matchup.

Add to this Baltimore's super stout defense and it's easy to see why they are such a tough playoff matchup. However, the familiarity between the two teams and the fact that the Steelers could get this game at home if they beat the Ravens out for the division makes this matchup a little more desirable than the top two.