How the Steelers match up with potential NFL Playoff opponents

  • Steelers playoff path could be through the Wild Card
  • Ravens will be a tough playoff matchup
  • We don't want anything to do with the Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers
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1. Kansas City Chiefs

It should come as no surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs are the team the Steelers should least want to see in the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Steelers, they would likely have to go through them at some point if they were to make an extended playoff run.

While the Chiefs are not nearly as dynamic and explosive as they have been in years past, this might be the most dangerous team they've had yet. Despite their lower offensive outputs, they've been just as much of a threat in the AFC, because they possess the best defense they've had in the Patrick Mahomes era and one of the best defensive units in the NFL. Now that Mahomes doesn't have to drop 30 points for them to win, they are even more dangerous.

Not only do they have a great defense, but they still have Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and Travis Kelce, who are each in the top 2 at their respective spots. Add to that, they have extensive postseason experience and are more balanced than ever in years past thanks to Isaiah Pacheco emerging and establishing a strong running game for Kansas City.

The Postseason has run through Arrowhead for much of recent memory, and it is very possible it will stay that way again this season. All of these teams are threats in their own rights, and while each possesses reason to worry, Pittsburgh Steelers fans should be excited to see their team back in the thick of the Playoff race, and hopefully see if Pickett can handle the brightest lights.