How to watch the Steelers game tonight vs. Falcons

Steelers game blacked out? Are you out of market? Here are your options to catch the game.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Out-of-network Pittsburgh Steelers fans were in a panic this past Saturday as many of them could not find a way to catch their second preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. If that was you, I'm sorry to say that you missed out on a remarkable all-round performance by Pittsburgh. Let's not let it happen again.

Because of NFL contracts with cable and streaming services, there are certain channels that will be blacked out and certain streaming platforms that won't even offer the game. No longer is everything all in one place at the touch of a button on your cable remote. But that's okay.

We are still going to find a way for you to catch the Steelers vs. Falcons game. Here are your options to view Pittsburgh's 2023 preseason finale tonight.

How to watch Steelers vs. Falcons game

The first platform we would recommend using is NFL Network. The Steelers vs. Falcons preseason contest is the live game tonight on NFL Network. Unfortunately, there are certain cable and DirecTV packages that no longer offer this channel. If that's you, let's move to option 'B'.

If you live in the Pittsburgh viewing area, you can catch the game on KDKA-TV. This will be on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, or CW, depending on your viewing area. To see if you get the game, check out all of the cities it will be aired via 506 Sports. Many fans along the East Coast should have access to the game on one of their local channels. If you are close enough to Pittsburgh, you can also stream the game on with a strong internet connection.

If this option still doesn't work for you and you are out-of-network, there are a few streaming services you may want to consider adding to be sure you can catch every Steelers game this year. NFL+ is the popular choice, but we recommend using FuboTV. Both services require a monthly subscription.

It's never any fun when game time rolls around and you can't figure out how to catch your favorite team. Don't wait until the last minute! The Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons kick off tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.