Initial grades for the Steelers impressive 2023 draft haul

Georgia offensive tackle Broderick Jones
Georgia offensive tackle Broderick Jones / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers seventh-round pick: CB Cory Trice

Grade: A

While I didn’t have Cory Trice on my late-round radar, I did have the Steelers double dipping at cornerback in my final mock draft. It made sense given the lack of talent at the position and the relative depth of the cornerback room in the draft. Along with some medical concerns, Trice seemed to drop because of the depth in the draft.

As a player, Price is another big outside capable cornerback with good athleticism. Despite being a redshirt senior, he only started one full season (this was due to some nagging injuries). He pops on tape, as he is a combative player that does well in press and man coverage.

While his size and athleticism look good on paper, he isn’t a fluid mover on the field. He can struggle to turn and run and his footwork is sloppy as a cornerback. Some people view him more as a safety prospect because of this.

For a seventh-round pick though, Trice is great value. If he can get more refined as a coverage player, he could develop into a starter. If not, you can try him out as a safety in a few years. At worst, his straight-line speed and size should make him a capable special teams gunner. The potential really earns him a high grade here.