Kendrick Green at FB in Steelers training camp is not a feel good story

Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp
Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Steelers made some noise last week with veteran offensive lineman Kendrick Green taking snaps at fullback for the team during their annual Friday Nigh Lights practice. While a fun story on paper, I can’t help but feel like this is the final nail in his coffin as a potential roster candidate for this team.

The idea of Green shifting to fullback has been a middling “would be funny if it happened” storyline for a few years now. After struggling heavily as a rookie at center, some fans mused over what Green would look like as a fullback. Given his athleticism and strength but lack of technique and size as a lineman, it was a fun way to think about giving a bust a second chance.

Until last week, that was where the story started and stopped. With the surprise retirement of Monte Pottebaum though, Pittsburgh is suddenly without a fullback. This isn’t the end of the world; Pottebaum was a long shot to make the roster as Connor Heyward seems poised to take on that role even if his lead blocking needs some work.

Green isn’t going to make the Steelers as a fullback

Like it or not, even if Green makes the full-time switch to fullback, he likely isn’t going to make the roster this season. He will need to shed some weight in order to be a viable player at the position, and again, Heyward seems like a lock to take on that work.

The Steelers have seen other players take snaps at different positions during camp in the past. The issue is, those players were usually locked into their role already and were safe roster candidates. Green certainly isn’t that, as he is in a heated battle for the backup center spot. I want him taking snaps there, not at fullback.

Green needs all of the practice he can get as a center before I want him taking reps as a fullback. The pictures are fun to see and the idea is amusing, but this doesn’t change the fact that the Steelers wasted a third-round pick on Green. While it is fun to see an oversized fullback on the field, Green’s time would be better served handling snapping duties in hopes of winning a roster spot.

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