Landing spots for Steelers legend if he jumps ship in 2025 free agency

Cam Heyward wants a new contract, but the Steelers might take their time deciding to give him a new deal. If he leaves in Free Agency, then expect a lot of teams to call.
Atlanta Falcons v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Seeing Cam Heyward in anything but a Steelers jersey would be a tough sight.

It could very well happen as the player continues to make his contract demands public. He seems to be trying to put the heat on the team to try and come to a resolution before the season starts. We will see where things go, but Heyward is not afraid to voice his potential departure from Pittsburgh in free agency next year.

"We will see what happens. But I can assure you this: I will be playing in 2025. I have talked to my wife, and we know the reality. We have had those talks, and she said it could be fun to play somewhere else. If that is what is needed to be done, then so be it."

Heyward is not afraid to keep his contract negotiations public, and he could very well end up in another uniform next season if he can't find a resolution on a new deal before the season starts.

Could Pittsburgh-West become the next home for Cam Heyward?

Many in Pittsburgh know the number of former members of the Steelers who have left the team to play for the Arizona Cardinals. It has led to Arizona to be known as Pittsburgh-West. Perhaps Heyward could sign there when free agency rolls around this upcoming offseason. We know that the veteran defensive lineman wants a hefty deal, and the Cardinals will have a good chunk of spending cash.

A lot of this could also depend on how the Cardinals do this upcoming season. They are boom or bust every year, so if they do well then Heyward could see them as a potential Super Bowl opportunity. If not, then they could remain an option because of the amount of money they could send his way. Arizona could be a nice retirement opportunity.

The Steelers could always see one of their legends stay in the AFC North

James Harrison turned coat during his career, so maybe Heyward could do the same.

Not only would it be tough to see Heyward on another team, but his jumping ship to join an AFC North rival would only magnify his departure. His joining the Cincinnati Bengals would be a stab in the heart of many Steelers fans. It could make sense for the Bengals if certain things play out this year. They will have some money to spend.

They just signed and drafted defensive linemen, but Heyward would be an upgrade over all of them.

If those signings and selections fail, then Heyward would be a terrific option for them in free agency. Having Joe Burrow healthy will make Cincinnati contenders every season. It would give Heyward the money and opportunity he wants out of free agency. The Bengals could be a terrific fit both for him and the club.

An up-and-coming NFC contender could make a splash in Free Agency

Detroit might not normally be a top landing spot in free agency, but it makes more sense now than ever.

The Lions could use another quality piece or two on defense to help out their young guys. Heyward could be the perfect blend of talent and leadership to help get them to the Super Bowl. Detroit has been trying its best to get back to the promised land over the past couple of years, and they are closer now than ever.

Add in the fact that the Lions have some solid cap space next offseason, and they could be an option for the Steelers pending free agent.

If Heyward wants to go ring chasing, there is one obvious choice

Could the rich get richer by the Chiefs stealing Heyward away from the Steelers in free agency?

Everyone is already tired of Kansas City as they attempt for their third championship in three years. It could make sense for them to add Heyward, especially if he is looking to add a ring or two to his career accomplishments before he retires. Placing him next to Chris Jones would be unfair to the NFL. This could be a sneaky option.

The Chiefs don't have a ton of cap space to work with, but they could rework some money to make this deal happen. Heyward might even be willing to take a slight pay cut if it means him playing on a quality team that has one of the best shots each year at winning the Super Bowl.

If Heyward leaves the Steelers, he could go somewhere that matters

They might not have a ton of cap space to work with right now, but the Atlanta Falcons make a ton of sense.

Heyward grew up in Georgia, and his dad played for the Falcons for a chunk of his career. We know that the Falcons organization is special to the Heyward family, and it could make a lot of sense for this to be a realistic landing spot for Heyward. Money will be a big issue, but the Falcons could find different ways to make things work.

It is still unknown how well Atlanta will do with Kirk Cousins as their starting quarterback this season.

If Cousins can push the Falcons into winning their division, then it could make sense to add some top players. They still need help on the defensive side of the ball, so Heyward would be a terrific get to help upgrade that group. He is a tone-setter and someone who can help turn around a bad defensive unit if needed. Heyward could be enticed to return home if the money works.

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