How to make the Steelers competitive again in 2023

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Steelers 2023 NFL Draft preparations

With free agency wrapped up, the Steelers still have a lot of needs heading into the draft. For starters, the left side of the offensive line is mostly unchanged. While Little can compete for the left tackle role, Moore and Kevin Dotson would both be the favorites to start.

The defensive line is also in need of some help still. Bryan is a serviceable defensive end, but improvements can be made there still. The nose tackle is still a huge question mark and will need to be upgraded.

Linebacker is arguably the biggest need right now. Long is a fine starter and Mark Robinson has potential, but there needs to be someone else that can make an impact. While the top of the draft isn’t full of linebackers, landing on day two is a must.

With so many needs, and with myself in charge, I opt to trade back and acquire some more picks. They stay pat in the first round but opt to trade back once the second round opens. New Orleans heads to the top of the second round. In exchange, we receive picks 40 and 71.

This gives the team eight total picks and five of those picks are in the first three rounds. With the ammo set and the targets ready, here is how I would attack the draft given my moves from free agency.