Maximizing T.J. Watt's Impact: 3 key strategies to unlock success for Steelers

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1. Steelers must move T.J. Watt around the line of scrimmage

More than anything else, the biggest change the Pittsburgh Steelers have to make when it comes to helping T.J. Watt is moving their former DPOY all around the line of scrimmage. With the exception of a few random pass coverage reps, every coach and their mother know that Watt is going to line up at left edge -- meaning he will be going against right tackle.

Because of this, these teams know exactly how to slide the protection to ensure that Watt is accounted for at all times. But what if the Steelers didn't make his role so predictable?

Two of the best defensive minds in the business are Cowboys' DC Dan Quinn and Browns' DC Jim Schwartz. These two defensive coordinators have some awesome pieces to work with in Micah Parsons and Myles Garrett respectively. But if you watch a Browns or Cowboys game, you will notice that Garrett and Parsons are constantly lining up in a different spot around the line of scrimmage -- sometimes even blitzing from the 'A' gap.

The Steelers need to adopt some of this creativity with Watt. I know that he is the most comfortable rushing from the left side of the formation, but it will benefit him (and the entire team) to keep the offense guessing and get him in favorable situations on the field. These matchups will help produce even better results for Watt and for the team.

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