Meet the Steelers newest UDFA superstar fullback Monte Pottebaum

Steelers, Monte Pottenbaum
Steelers, Monte Pottenbaum / Joseph Cress / USA TODAY NETWORK

It's not often undrafted free agents become an overnight sensation for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Normally, they are just obscure additions to the roster. Then again, the Steelers have never signed a UDFA like Monte Pottenaum before.

If the story couldn't get more bizarre, Pottebaum is a fullback. Not exactly a glorious position with the Steelers organization, nor in the NFL, for that matter. T.J. Watt's brother Derek Watt only had 10 total rushes for the Steelers. Oddly only nine fewer rushes than he had with the Chargers over 4 seasons. Not quite the same way Chuck Noll used Rocky Bleier in the '70s, but the NFL evolves. The fullback is not the position it once was in years past.

Then the Steelers signed, perhaps a true fullback, in the definition of the position, Monte Pottebaum from Iowa. In his career at Iowa, he only rushed the ball 20 times in his collegiate career. The rest of his snaps were blocking in some manner. Even the Iowa head coach stated he does not know how they will replace Pottebaum.

How did the Steelers signing become an overnight sensation

As fans, if we are to make any inferences from the Steelers signing of Pottebaum, it would have to be that he is a blocker. Mike Tomlin had a 2023 draft which, of anything else, featured players that will be battling in the trenches in the 2023 season, albeit on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Thus Pottebaum fits the mold of what Tomlin is looking for in 2023.

Still, despite that, the second he was signed, he became sort of an internet sensation. And he has not played a snap in the NFL. Perhaps it's one of the few times that a true fan of the Steelers gets signed to have a chance to make its roster. Perhaps it's the mullet he's sporting. Even Arthur Moats noticed the mullet. He apparently never received the memo that in Pittsburgh and in football, the hair category is reserved for Troy Polamalu.

If he wants to sport a mullet, perhaps he should be playing in the NHL. Certainly, his youtube highlight reel must be an internet first. It's the only highlight reel found to date accompanied by bluegrass music heavy on the violin. Oddly enough, Pottebaum even attracted the attention of fans in Great Britain, not something you see pop up on Youtube regularly regarding the Steelers.   

How will he fit in with the Steelers

When you boil it down, Pottebaum's addition to the Steelers pits him head-to-head with Connor Heyward, another loveable player who is Cam Heyward's younger brother. Considering the Steelers do not use the fullback much, there is speculation either Heyward goes or Pottebaum goes.

Though on the Arthur Moats show, they argued that perhaps the Steelers could keep both. Either put one on the practice squad or keep Pottebaum as a strict fullback and use Heyward as a strict H-back. However, special team's play is one of the strongest determining factors. Since either as an H-back or a fullback, the most time they will spend on the field is on punt and kickoff returns.

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As much as many would love to see Connor Heyward stay on the final roster, there will be a battle between both players. It's one of the many competitions to keep your eye on this fall.