New Year, New Gear: 3 veteran quarterbacks the Steelers could pursue in 2024

These three quarterbacks would be an instant upgrade over Kenny Pickett in 2024 (and all three could be up for grabs).

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Justin Fields, Chicago Bear

There's a chance that Justin Fields could draw the most intrigue of any veteran quarterback who could become available in 2024. The Chicago Bears are going to earn two of the top picks in the 2024 NFL Draft (thanks to their trade with the Panthers last year) and that means they can pretty much take whichever QB they want this year.

Fields has been very inconsistent and often banged up over each of his first three seasons. However, his elite traits at the position are undeniable. Fields has prototype size, a rocket arm, and phenomenal legs to help move the chains.

While his career record as a starter is well below .500, this won't deter teams from drawing interest in the former Ohio State star. It's worth noting that Fields will still be on his rookie contract in 2024 and the fifth-year option could be exercised.

In terms of raw physical talent, Fields is tiers above Kenny Pickett. This just comes down to whether or not the Pittsburgh Steelers believe they can harness that potential to get a franchise quarterback. This might be worth a gamble to get one of the most physically-gifted QBs in the league.

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