NFL Draft moves from AFC North that should concern Steelers fans

These rival draft picks will look to neutralize what the Pittsburgh Steelers do best.
NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers should be thrilled with their impressive draft haul in 2024. After taking offensive linemen Troy Fautanu and Zach Frazier in back-to-back selections to open the draft, Omar Khan found value in players like WR Roman Wilson and LB Payton Wilson.

Unfortunately, their biggest rivals also added talented football players to their roster during the draft. Some of these players could have an immediate impact.

While Pittsburgh's draft still takes the cake when compared to their top rivals, here are a few draft moves from the AFC North that should have Steelers fans concerned.

Amarius Mims, Bengals

Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan may never admit it, but we had every reason to believe that Amarius Mims was the name the Steelers were targeting before he was scooped up by the Bengals just two picks before Pittsburgh was on the clock. Mims is a mammoth right tackle who could give even a future Hall of Fame pass rusher like T.J. Watt fits.

If Mims can stay on the football field he has the size (6'7 3/4'', 340 lbs, 86 3/4'' wingspan) and power that will make it impossible to go through him and incredibly difficult to go around him. If the Bengals get the ball out quickly on three-step drops, it's going to be hard to get the best of this physically imposing offensive tackle.

Nate Wiggins and T.J. Tampa, Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens found a way to land two starting cornerbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft. They began by nabbing Nate Wiggins late in the first round. Some view Wiggins as the best press-man CB in the draft.

Later in the draft, Baltimore got one of the biggest steals of Day 3 when they landed T.J. Tampa. Both cornerbacks will fit perfectly with what the Ravens want to do on defense, and they could help slow down Pittsburgh's passing game which lacks elite weapons outside of George Pickens.

Kris Jenkins and McKinnley Jackson, Bengals

The Bengals mean business. Just like the Steelers placed an emphasis on beefing up their trenches in the 2024 NFL Draft, so did Cincinnati. In the second round, the Bengals pounced at the opportunity to add Kris Jenkins Jr. to their interior defensive line. With one of their third-round picks, they further solidified this unit with run-stuffing nose tackle, McKinnley Jackson.

The Pittsburgh Steelers plan to run the football early and often, so the Bengals' new toys on defense could help neutralize the effectiveness of Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren on the ground.