One free agent from every positional group I want the Steelers to sign

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins (94)
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Steelers offensive line target: Matt Hennessy

When it comes to the offensive line, I’m mostly focused on center help. You could go tackle, but that comes at a cost. Like tight end, mediocre players receive big contracts, and I would rather risk drafting someone knowing that I have Dan Moore as a backup option. Finding some veteran minimum help is fine, but no one has caught my eye.

A potential center option has, and he has links to Arthur Smith. Matt Hennessy looked like a potential starter after two seasons in Atlanta, but a switch over to guard and some injuries later and he is entering free agency with almost no fanfare. He should get invited to a camp to compete, but it will likely be on a cheap deal.

That works well for the Steelers, as they need a better pure center option on the roster. Sure, Nate Herbig can play center, but it isn’t his natural position and he has struggled there in the past. Ideally, a rookie is going to be drafted early to start, but the draft is unpredictable, and you can’t go into April with that as your only option.

The team could sign a bigger name like Lloyd Cushinberry to be the starting center, but I would prefer Hennessy on the cheap. He could recapture some of the play he had earlier in his career, but if he doesn’t, a rookie should be there to take over for him. The fact that he will be cheap makes him my ideal target for the offensive line this offseason.