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Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Steelers
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Steelers target from Commanders: OC Tyler Larsen

The final team on this list, and of course, I couldn’t find a natural fit for the Steelers to target. That was until I noticed that Washington drafted Arkansas center Ricky Stromberg, a player that I liked and felt the Steelers could have targeted later in the draft. That leaves current backup center Tyler Larsen at risk of missing the roster.

Larsen is an extremely dependable backup center option. He had one real season where he looked like a potential starter (that being the 2017 season) before he settled into his role as a depth player. He has still been a starter at times, but he has taken on the role of core backup and done well there.

He would be an upgrade over any name on the Steelers roster at backup center. Assuming he is cut, Pittsburgh would be wise to scoop him up and strengthen their depth chart. He is fine being a backup, would be great insurance, and would likely be playing at the minimum if he were cut. There is no reason not to bring him in.

Others considered: None

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And that is that. As training camp gets closer, the Steelers will be looking to finalize their roster and get better at areas they feel inadequate at. There are a lot of fine names that would be logical targets for this team as well.