One player from every NFL team Steelers must try to obtain

  • Could Steelers poach an athletic developmental QB?
  • Some high picks that haven't worked out for other teams could be added depth for Pittsburgh

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Steelers
Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Steelers / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers target from Bears: RB Travis Homer

I’ve been earnestly looking for low running backs on the proverbial totem pole to target, as one of the most open spots for the Steelers is their third back. For a team that plans on fielding a grinding rushing offense, they lack a true third option. While there are some intriguing names on the roster, none of them are proven.

Insert Travis Homer. The former sixth-round pick has been productive in a reserve role for the Seahawks, and he would provide a change-of-pace option for this roster. He can serve as a check-down receiver as well, further adding to his value.

Where he would really provide, especially as a third running back, is on special teams. He can return kicks and has also been an active player on coverage units. That would help the team fill the void that Benny Snell has seemingly left while also getting a more competent offensive threat.

Others considered: WR Chase Claypool

Nah, I’m mostly kidding here, but the rumor is that he could be cut if he fails to impress with the Bears. Once again, the Steelers absolutely stole that second-round pick from the Bears.