One Steelers player on the roster bubble at every position

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Steelers S roster bubble: Tre Norwood

Tre Norwood should, in theory, be a player ready to expand his role. He was used as a rookie in a similar way that Cameron Sutton was used coming out of college. He was a versatile defensive back that could work in the slot and play on dime defense. While he won’t be an outside cornerback like Sutton became, Norwood should have been in line to compete for slot work.

The issue was his season last year. His playing time regressed, and his defensive snaps were unimpressive. While his coverage was still fine, his tackling was a huge issue, as he constantly took poor angles and missed easy tackles. It is one thing to not be a super physical defensive back, but not being able to tackle is a bigger issue.

Norwood will benefit from the team seemingly ignoring the slot position this off-season. Chandon Sullivan was brought in, but he is a similar lackluster option. Peterson could also work in the slot, but that is more of a projection than anything else.

He seems like a player that will either have it or won’t by the time training camp wraps up. If he gets his tackling under control, he could feasibly be the starting slot defender for this team. If tackling is still an issue though, my guess is he won’t be on the final roster.

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The Steelers are working their way to finalize their roster. While the overall roster bubble is a lot bigger than this, these are the most notable players I have on the bubble by position. They will all be playing for roles on the roster during Steelers training camp.