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Steelers OL roster bubble: Kevin Dotson

The Steelers have spent the last two offseasons rebuilding their offensive line, and it should pay off this year as the team figures to need a great line for their offense to work. As a result of these moves though, Kevin Dotson is likely set to move on. He is nothing more than expensive depth at this point.

Dotson was, at one point in time, the guard of the future for this team. He popped as a rookie, but he has been lackluster and inconsistent since becoming a primary starter. This was the case a year ago, as he flashed good play at times but more often than not lacked the technique to be a great blocker.

He was firmly replaced in the offseason, and due to his previous playing time, his salary got a bump this year. The team likely won’t keep him because of that new cost, and Dotson has made it clear that he doesn’t seem interested in competing for a spot. It seems like both sides would benefit from a split.

Ideally, Dotson has some trade value for the team, as he could be a low-end starter for a team that needs a guard. If injuries pop up on other teams, his value could be even more. A trade for some additional draft picks would be the ideal scenario.

Even if a trade doesn’t materialize, I struggle to see Dotson sticking around. While cutting a former starter would be hard to do, he clearly doesn’t want to be around. This line will be fine without him, and I fully expect Dotson to be off this team by the time the season begins.