One Steelers player on the roster bubble at every position

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Steelers LB roster bubble: Tanner Muse

If the Steelers decide to keep five off-ball linebackers, this room seems pretty cut and dry. That isn’t a guarantee though, and if four ends up being the number, there will be quite a battle for the final spots. Like edge rusher, this position will be heavily predicated on special teams, but there will also be the realistic option that defensive snaps will need to be played.

While I was high on Mark Robinson early in the offseason, the team is seemingly less excited about him. It seems likely that he is a reserve this year, and he may not even be the top backup given the other adds on this roster. Frankly, he could be on the bubble as well, but I think even more at risk is Tanner Muse.

Muse was brought in solely due to his special teams ability, and he figures to compete to be a contributor there. That said, I would argue that he offers the least on defense of the backups, and that could cost him. He is squarely my fifth off-ball linebacker as of this writing.

That won’t be an issue if five linebackers are kept. If it is only four, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Muse cut even though he was a free-agent addition this offseason. Free agents usually make the team, but Muse could prove to be an exception.

Herbig could also factor into this equation as well. The expectation is that he will work as an edge rusher, but if the move to off-ball happens sooner than later, Muse could again be the odd man out. Roster construction will be big here, but Muse will need to have an excellent camp to secure a roster spot.