One thought for all 90 players on the Steelers roster entering training camp

  • A plethora of defensive backs in the mix
  • Plenty of developmental prospects on the roster

Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp, Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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Kicker: No real competition

Chris Boswell: Boswell will have no trouble fighting off the competition once again in 2023. Despite a bit of a down year in 2022, the former Pro Bowl kicker will take it easy during the preseason, as he will be needed this fall.

B.T. Potter: Potter will warrant consideration as an emergency kicker with a good camp. If an injury to Chris Boswell occurs, he could be a name that could get called up. Realistically, however, he's a camp leg that will stick around until roster cuts.

Punter: Battle could come down to the wire

Pressley Harvin III: Despite being a former draft pick, Harvin's roster spot in 2023 is not guaranteed. He has a big leg, but he needs to be much more consistent. The preseason will be a big test, as he tries to fend off the competition.

Braden Mann: Mann could make the race at punter very tight this summer. While he might not have as big of a leg, the consistency may matter more to the coaching staff. Mann is expected to be in the running for the job throughout the preseason.

Long snapper: Seniority could win out

Christian Kuntz: It's difficult to judge the job of a long snapper, but until Christian Kuntz is beaten out by the competition, there's no reason to expect him to lose his job. Long snappers can last a long time in the NFL, and Kuntz has done a fine job.

Rex Sunahara: We know very little about Rex Sunahara at this point outside of the fact that he went to West Virginia. Something worth noting is that Sunahara is significantly bigger (6'6'', 242 lbs) than Kuntz (6'1'', 228). Fortunately, defenders can't line up across from long snappers anyway.

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