Patrick Peterson: Joey Porter Jr. has 'all the intangibles to be better than me'

Steelers, Joey Porter Jr.
Steelers, Joey Porter Jr. / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

It takes a lot for many long-time NFL stars to humble themselves. I remember Troy Polamalu doing this in an interview -- showing the meekness to say that Ed Reed is better than him (though Pittsburgh Steelers fans would like a word). Now it's Patrick Peterson who is not only humbling himself but also praising a young teammate.

Peterson is a former 8-time Pro Bowler and 3-time First-Team All-Pro player. Since entering the league as the former 5th overall pick way back in 2011, Peterson did not disappoint. The prolific cornerback is now 33 years old and joins the Steelers to potentially close out his potential Hall of Fame career.

Shortly after signing Peterson to a two-year contract, Pittsburgh doubled up on cornerback in the 2023 NFL Draft -- including taking Joey Porter Jr. with the 32nd overall selection. Peterson and Porter have only been together through Steelers OTAs so far, but it hasn't taken long for the veteran to notice just how talented the rookie is.

Recently, Steelers writer Amanda Godsey caught up with Peterson, and he had some remarkably encouraging words to share about Joey Porter Jr.

"" I just want to continue helping him in as many ways that I can, because he has all the intangibles to be better than me. I know most greats or most guys won't say that, but that's just the type of guy I am. I want to pass on the game and leave it in good hands as it will be such as Joey Porter and [Cory] Trice will continue to do their thing.""

Patrick Peterson, via Amanda Godsey

Peterson claims that Porter Jr. has 'all the intangibles to be better than' him. The veteran also tipped his hat to seventh-round rookie, Cory Trice Jr. -- saying that he wants to pass on the game and leave it in good hands with these two cornerbacks.

Peterson has high hopes for Steelers young cornerbacks

Patrick Peterson is obviously very high on Joey Porter Jr., and obviously, you don't expect him to talk negatively about his teammate to the media. However, claiming that Porter has the intangibles to be better than him is pretty bold.

Let's be really honest with ourselves here. There's a reason Peterson was the 5th overall pick in a historically great draft class. The sky was through the roof. In addition to having a 6-foot, 219-pound frame with 32'' arms, Peterson possessed blazing 4.31 speed and outstanding tape at LSU.

Porter doesn't have this level of upside and is nowhere near the same athlete coming out of college. But that doesn't mean he can't be a great NFL cornerback. At 6'2 1/2'' with freakish 34'' arms and an 80 7/8'' wingspan, Porter has the length of an offensive tackle at a position where length really matters.

Peterson isn't the only one who was impressed with Porter throughout Steelers OTAs. Much of Pittsburgh media was talking up the rookie cornerback. Likewise, Cory Trice Jr. was receiving plenty of attention as well. This duo has already earned the nickname 'Avatar Cornerbacks' thanks to their prototype size and physical makeup and the fact that they look like carbon copies of each other on the field.

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I don't believe that Joey Porter Jr. has all the intangibles to become better than Patrick Peterson, but that doesn't mean he can't prove to be a slam-dunk draft pick. Pittsburgh Steelers fans are expecting good things from both him and Cory Trice Jr. Both players have size, length, and traits to work with and we will be interested to see how their careers unfold.