Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Starting Offense

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Offensive Line- Jon Kolb, David DeCastro, Mike Webster, Alan Faneca and Marvel Smith

Steelers fans have gotten to watch some fantastic offensive linemen suit up in the trenches over the years.

You could probably assemble a line made up of guys who didn't make this team and it would still suffice as an all-time offensive line. However, the five men I picked set themselves apart with their play, accolades, and success with the Steelers. Starting with Jon Kolb, he was a linchpin on the offensive line of the '70s dynasty, winning four Super Bowls. He protected Terry Bradshaw's blindside and helped lead the way for Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier to do damage. His contributions to that team go under the radar, but shouldn't be ignored.

At left guard, I picked David DeCastro. His career ended earlier than most would have thought when he retired at 30 years of age, but his time with the Steelers was great. During his nine years with the team, DeCastro made six pro bowls and two all-pro teams. He led the way for Le'Veon Bell to put up great numbers on the ground and protected Roethlisberger as he distributed the ball to numerous different receivers.

At center is the greatest Steelers offensive lineman of all time, Mike Webster. He played 15 years with the Steelers and started 194 games at center. He made nine pro bowls, 5 all-pro teams and was named to the Hall of Fame All-1970s and 1980s teams. Known for being a nasty competitor, Webster earned the respect of teammates and opponents alike. He of course won 4 Super Bowls with the Steelers and helped bridge the gap between the 70s dynasty and some great teams in the 90s. His inclusion in this team was the easiest to pick.

At right guard, I picked recent hall of famer Alan Faneca. After years of fans clamoring for Faneca to get into the hall, he finally made it in 2021. He played ten years for the Steelers and made six pro bowls and 4 all-pro teams. He was a member of the 2006 Super Bowl team and a big part of an underrated offensive line in the 2000s. Beloved by all, especially his quarterback, Faneca started all but five games during his Steelers tenure.

Finally, at right tackle, I have Marvel Smith. Similar to DeCastro, Smith retired earlier than most would expect after nine years with the Steelers. He started alongside Faneca on that offensive line that won the Super Bowl in 2006. He was on the team that won in 2009 but missed the Super Bowl due to injury. He made one pro bowl in his career. While numbers and accolades don't jump out on paper, Smith was an underrated player in his career, and gets my respect by including him on this team.

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That is the Steelers all-time starting offense. A massive collection of talent from many different eras of Steelers football. How many points per game would this team score today? Let me know in the comments section below.