3 quarterbacks Steelers should target (and 2 they should avoid) in 2024

Pittsburgh Steelers, Kirk Cousins
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kirk Cousins / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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QB No. 2 to avoid: Kenny Pickett, currently on roster

This might seem funny or confusing, seeing Kenny Pickett on this list when he's already on the roster. But, let me explain my thinking, here.

Pickett might still be on the roster next year (and likely will be) but the Steelers need to avoid keeping him in the conversation as the starter. If he's your backup quarterback, great. He's a fantastic backup candidate. Funny enough, that's what people started saying about Mitchell Trubisky after a couple of years.

Pickett is now in the same boat. He's proven that he simply doesn't have it. He's not cut out to be an NFL franchise quarterback. He might have been the "best of the bunch" in his draft class, but that was one of the weaker classes in recent memory. It wasn't saying much when he was selected as the first quarterback off the board.

The Steelers need to go a totally different direction with the state of their franchise, specifically quarterback, because the roster is ready to win right now if they make just a few upgrades next offseason. They have pieces in place to be competitive, just not at the most important position in the game.