4 reasons Steelers need to make splash trade for Justin Fields in 2024

Pittsburgh has to go all-in next offseason.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Justin Fields
Pittsburgh Steelers, Justin Fields / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages
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A couple of weeks ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers were likely feeling great about their season's outlook. At 7-4, they were firmly in the postseason picture. Now having lost two games in a row -- and to teams with only two wins prior to their matchup -- the Steelers are 7-6 and staring mediocrity in the face.

Playoffs or not, Pittsburgh needs to make some changes in 2024. It's going to take more than firing Matt Canada for this team to get back to contention.

One thing they could do is drop a bombshell and make a splash trade for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. The Bears will probably wind up with the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and if they keep the pick, it's going to be Caleb Williams. That means Fields is up for the taking.

Why should the Steelers make a deal like this? It's pretty simple.

1. Kenny Pickett isn't cutting it

Sometimes, they say "numbers don't lie." Other times, they tell us to look beyond the box score.

Well, when it comes to Kenny Pickett, you can pretty much sum him up with a very simple set of numbers: 13 passing touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and a 62.6 percent completion rate through 24 games.

That's Kenny Pickett, folks. He clearly hasn't been the reason the Steelers have won games. 18 quarterbacks have thrown more touchdown passes through 14 weeks this year than Pickett has thrown in 24.

He might be a nice kid and a good teammate, but Pickett's time in Pittsburgh needs to come to an end. He isn't the answer, and it's been abundantly clear for a while now.