Steelers Free Agency Rumor: Pittsburgh could sign Michael Thomas at WR

The Steelers could sign Mchael Thomas in free agency as he is one of the last notable receivers still available.
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As of now, the Steelers don't have a proven second outside receiver on their roster. They have a bunch of guys who could be capable, but none of them provide a calming factor to the fans. It seems like the black and gold are going quantity over quality after providing guys like Van Jefferson, Scotty Miller, and Calvin Austin III as the primary options to start on the outside.

Maybe Roman Wilson will shock many and be that second outside option, but most expect him to start in the slot during his rookie year. That has left tons of speculation out there surrounding the Steelers about potentially adding a receiver before the start of training camp. Many believe that adding a player will come via trade, but don't discount some potential options left in free agency.

If we are being truthful, there are not too many notable options left in free agency to potentially add an upgrade. The Steelers will likely have to go the trade route for a bonafide option to come in and be a quality partner to George Pickens on the outside. Michael Thomas is a notable name left in free agency and someone the Steelers are rumored to be interested in.

Michael Thomas has been recently rumored to the Steelers in free agency

When you think of Thomas now, all you can see is his massive injury history throughout his career. He has become injury-prone after being one of the most dominant receivers in the NFL for a long stretch of years. He has not played a full season since 2019, which is now five years ago. Thomas is only 31 years old, so he could still have some good football left in the tank.

If he can find a way to stay healthy, then Thomas could be a tremendous value signing. His name warrants respect on the football field, but the question remains how much you can trust him? If he is injured frequently, then you need reliable options to step in while he recovers. This former star receiver has only started in 15 games over the past three years, which is a concerning number.

Normally when injuries pile up for a player, their production falls off a cliff. Thomas hasn't been able to replicate his massive numbers while going through his issues, but he has been a solid contributor during that time. He averaged almost 65 yards per game last season, but he only scored one touchdown in seven starts. He can still get some stats when he plays, but again, that's when he can play.

We will see what happens here. Thomas would be a decent fallback option for the Steelers if they can't find a more reliable option via trade. He can still produce some quality numbers and would benefit as a number two receiver in the Steelers offense. Free agency hasn't been kind to Thomas, so he would likely come at a fairly cheap rate.

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