Steelers Rumors: 4 under-the-radar candidates to replace Matt Canada

Pittsburgh has to get the next hire right for the sake of Kenny Pickett.

San Francisco 49ers, Brian Griese
San Francisco 49ers, Brian Griese / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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After their Week 11 loss to the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers finally pulled the plug on offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

For a while now, Steelers fans had been calling for this move.

Looking ahead, quarterback Kenny Pickett's window of development and likelihood of success is going to depend on who the Steelers hire next.

A few days ago, we listed some options to replace Canada. But, who are some other names that might not be brought up as much right now? Let's dive into some underrated candidates.

1. Jerrod Johnson, Quarterbacks Coach, Houston Texans

Some of the die-hard Steelers fans out there might remember this name. Jerrod Johnson never made the final roster back in 2012, but he spent a few months with the team. A former quarterback, Jerrod Johnson has now found a home in Houston as the team's quarterbacks coach.

And, what a job he's been doing with C.J. Stroud. As a rookie, Stroud has found himself in the MVP conversation thanks to his standout campaign so far. Between Johnson and offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik, they've the Texans' passing attack currently ranked no. 2 in the league and Stroud seems to be developing at a rapid rate.

If you're telling me we can get the same guy who's helping develop Stroud to come on over and further aid in Pickett's development, I'm in. Johnson should be getting far more mentions in this conversation, and hopefully he does as time goes on.