Pittsburgh Steelers: Stealing one player from each AFC North rival for 2023

Steelers, Myles Garrett
Steelers, Myles Garrett / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Bengals: QB Joe Burrow

You didn't think I was going to leave the fate of the Steelers 2023 season in the hands of a second-year quarterback, did you? While I am excited about the leap Kenny Pickett could make in year two, it would be impossible to pick from arguably the best quarterback division in football and not come away with a signal-caller who would undoubtedly lead this team to the playoffs.

Joe Burrow has to be the right answer here. As much as I like the idea of adding one of the most dynamic receivers in the league in Ja'Marr Chase to help a struggling offense, Burrow could arguably help this offense explode as much as any player not named Patrick Mahomes.

Burrow is coming off a season in which he threw 35 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions while leading his team deep into the playoffs for the second straight year. His 7.9 adjusted yards per attempt are phenomenal, as is his career passer rating of 100.4, per ESPN stats.

Though Pickett could prove to be a franchise QB eventually, adding Burrow to this Steelers roster would make Pittsburgh a 12-13 win team for the 2023 season -- giving them a great shot to become Super Bowl contenders.

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Obviously, these are just hypothetical scenarios that we will never see come to fruition, but I can't imagine how hard it would be to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers if they stole Myles Garrett, Kyle Hamilton, and Joe Burrow from their division rivals in 2023.