Steelers might have the worst plan for Justin Fields

Uh, come again?
Pittsburgh Steelers, Justin Fields
Pittsburgh Steelers, Justin Fields / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

This offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers have completely revamped their quarterback room. Signing veteran Russell Wilson and trading for fourth-year pro Justin Fields, Pittsburgh now has depth and a couple of enticing options under center.

Right now, it looks like Wilson will get the first crack at starting. As for Fields? He'll play the backup role to begin with.

Could Fields have any other duties while serving as the backup quarterback?

Recently on an episode of Cam Heyward's show Not Just Football, running back Jaylen Warren was asked about the new kickoff rules and whether or not it would make him want to try and return kicks, but Warren took that question a completely different direction than expected, bringing Fields' name into the equation.

"Do you think the kickoff rules will make you want to kick return this year?" Warren was asked.

"I mean, I would. I think it's pretty cool," Warren said. "As soon as you touch the ball, that's when everything, you know, starts to happen ... but, our special teams coordinator was talking about Justin Fields being back there.

"We're like, hold up ... We looked at him like ... Justin Fields oughta be back there?!"

Allowing Justin Fields to return kicks might be the biggest waste of time and a trade in NFL history

Let's get this straight. The Steelers go sign a quarterback that many people believe to be washed up, label him the starter, but just in case, trade draft capital for a former first-round pick who came close to breaking an NFL record just two seasons ago.

Makes sense so far.

That former first-round pick has shown a ton of promise as a game-breaking player with not only explosiveness as a runner, but plenty of room to grow as a passer. There is a lot of film out there of Fields firing picture-perfect throws into tight windows. It's just a matter of whether he can develop further and do that consistently and make decisions in a quicker manner.

If Fields were to be placed in the right system, a lot of experts still believe he can be a successful starting quarterback, especially given his dual-threat skill set.

We're still making sense.

But, before Fields gets a chance to take over as the starting quarterback, the Steelers should try his hand at returning kicks.

Yep, that's where we've officially gone off the rails.

We're not talking about Terrelle Pryor, here. We're not even talking about Malik Cunningham. This is a guy who just about broke Lamar Jackson's single-season rushing record and has had success throwing the football (i.e. four passing touchdowns, twice in a game, coming in back-to-back weeks in October of 2023).

But sure, let's stick him back there on kick return and see what happens.

This idea doesn't even deserve further defending or explaining. it's simply that ludicrous.

No, Fields should not be returning kicks, plain and simple. Let's end that discussion immediately, please.