Unlocking Success: Steelers' Post-Bye Week strategy to reach playoffs

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Joey Porter Jr. is another rookie that needs his role to increase into a starter

Another rookie that the coaches have refused to play much during the first chunk of the season has been Joey Porter Jr. Most understood why Broderick Jones did not start right away as the Steelers wanted to bring him along slowly and they had an experienced veteran there. Even if that veteran might have never played great throughout his career.

The Steelers secondary might be one of the worst in the NFL right now. The corners on the roster are terrible and the starters are easy pickings for any quarterback in the NFL. Both Levi Wallace and Patrick Peterson have been almost equally terrible compared to one another. Pittsburgh is in a heap of trouble, and it could ruin their season.

Joey Porter Jr. has been making plays with the limited number of snaps that he has been given. He has not allowed a single catch in coverage this year and even intercepted the ball in the end zone to allow for the black and gold to come back against Baltimore. He has earned a starting role, especially with how bad Wallace and Peterson are playing.

Plug Porter into the top role guarding the top receiver for each week. Then have Desmond King fill the slot cornerback tole to kick Chandon Sullivan down to a depth spot. Wallace and Peterson will have to fight for snaps on the opposite starting spot of Porter. Maybe going defensive possession to possession might be the best outcome for Peterson and Wallace while Porter becomes the top corner on defense.