Unlocking Success: Steelers' Post-Bye Week strategy to reach playoffs

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Steelers have to rely on veteran players when they get back from injury

Pittsburgh has been missing their veteran players for the first part of the season due to injury. Both Diontae Johnson and Cam Heyward have been missing from the lineup for weeks and the hope is that they can get back after the bye or soon after. It will be interesting to see when both of these players can return to the lineup.

Johnson seems likely to come back first as he has stated that he will be back after the bye week. Bringing him back to a stale offense might allow for that unit to sustain some drives and move up and down the field a little more consistently. Johnson plays a different style than George Pickens and that should give their offense a boost.

Heyward is the leader of this team and continues to attend the games on the sideline even with his injury. He had surgery a while ago and should be on track to return in the coming weeks. He will be a nice addition to this defense front that needs help slowing down the run and applying pressure to the quarterback. Keeanu Benton has done a nice job filling in, but they need the veteran back.

Another name to monitor is Anthony McFarland Jr. who has missed most of the regular season with a knee injury. No one knows if he will be back this year, but his services would be a good addition on special teams. That would take Olszewski off as the kick returner and McFarland would replace him. It is a smaller role than the other two, but it would help there and secure the running back depth more.