Predicting Steelers new starting offense after the first wave of free agency

Here is the new starting lineup for the Steelers offense for this upcoming 2024 season

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Harris will remain the starting Running back with Warren off the bench

The running back position is pretty cut and dry for the Steelers. They have one of the best duos at tailback with Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren. We know Harris will likely have his fifth-year option picked up, so that will keep him around for an extra year before he likely leaves in free agency. Warren has been terrific as a second option.

One thing Pittsburgh has been lucky with at this spot on their roster is injuries. They haven't had to deal with either Harris or Warren missing for significant time. Hopefully, that does not happen this time around, but it is a reasonable possibility. They have formed into the best running duo in the NFL and that should only get better this year.

Starting Running back: Najee Harris

It can't be stated enough how important the running game is for the Steelers offense. It is what makes the unit go. Arthur Smith is the new offensive coordinator, and he uses the running game to open his passing attack. If they regress in the running department, then they could have some trouble this year. Having a solid duo should help their issues.

It seems like the black and gold could select a running back late in the upcoming draft. They know they are one injury to either Harris or Warren away from having a big issue. Harris will take the bulk of the carries for this offense. Warren will remain a big part of the offense moving forward, but Harris will remain the starter as long as he stays in Pittsburgh.