Predicting Steelers new starting offense after the first wave of free agency

Here is the new starting lineup for the Steelers offense for this upcoming 2024 season

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Pat Freiermuth remains the starting Tight end wilt a lot on the line

Tight end is another position that seems pretty cut and dry for the Steelers this upcoming season. Pat Freiermuth is back and entering a contract year, which he and the team hope can be some sort of break-out season for him. Things have been good when Freiermuth is on the field and getting targets thrown his way, the issue is that has not been consistent enough.

Don't discount Darnell Washington in his second year in the professional ranks. He should fit well in Smith's offense. He wants his tight ends to block, and Washington has proven to be that. Connor Heyward could also play a bigger role on offense if he makes the team out of training camp. He has plenty of versatility that Smith could use as an asset.

Starting Tight end: Pat Freiermuth

Washington and Heyward might have their roles on offense, but make no mistake about it, this is Freiermuth's starting job. He is the most talented of the group overall, but he is a difference-maker running routes and making plays downfield. We know that Wilson and Fields are not afraid of chucking the ball deep to get chunk plays.

This is a huge season for Freiermuth as he will try and cash in once this upcoming schedule comes to a close. He has been a good option when healthy and given opportunities. We will see if Smith keeps him in the middle of the field, especially with the offense currently lacking a solid slot receiver. Tight end is another starting spot on offense that is already situated.