Predicting Steelers new starting offense after the first wave of free agency

Here is the new starting lineup for the Steelers offense for this upcoming 2024 season

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The Steelers will return the same offensive line besides a new Center

We have finally gotten to the offensive line. Pittsburgh has shown a lot of interest in adding to their offensive trenches this offseason. The draft seems like the spot where they will try and address the multiple needs on their offensive line. Trying to accomplish issues in the draft and addressing those problems are two different things.

Free Agency doesn't seem to be a reasonable option for the black and gold to upgrade either right tackle or center. They should consider a cheap veteran option to battle a rookie for the starting job at center, so we will see if that ever materializes. Many will not like the listed starting offensive line to start next season, especially at the tackle spots.

Starting Offensive line: Dan Moore Jr. (LT), Isaac Seumalo (LG), Rookie (C), James Daniels (RG), Broderick Jones (RT)

Center is going to be a top pick in the upcoming draft. It seems like day two will be their sweet spot. We will see if they end up taking a tackle early to upgrade their right tackle position. Even if they do, most should assume that they will have a rookie sit a while to adjust to the NFL before starting them and shifting Broderick Jones over to the left side.

Other than the shock at the tackle spots, the two guard positions remain consistent. James Daniels and Isaac Seumalo will be the two starting guards. Center is where things get interesting. The starter at that position is not on the roster.

Names like Graham Barton, Jackson Powers-Johnson, and Zach Frazier make a ton of sense in the draft. If they do want to add someone in free agency at center, both Brian Allen and Nick Gates are possible signings.

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