Ranking the AFC North Quarterbacks: Where does Kenny Pickett fall?

Kenny Pickett
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3. Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

If this list was about on and off the field performance, Watson would easily be in the fourth spot. His off the field issues are numerous and disgusting in nature. However, this list is strictly about on field performance, which is why Watson lands at number 3.

After being traded to the Browns last offseason from the Houston Texans, Watson served an 11 game suspension to open the 2022 season. After returning from that suspension, he started 4 games, throwing for 1,102 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions, while completing 58.2% of his passes. It was an up and down couple of games for Watson in Cleveland, with him showing a few highs, but looking very rusty at times. His worst game was Week 18 against the Steelers.

In a 28-14 loss to the Steelers, Watson went 19-29 for 230 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. At times he looked completely lost, like when he threw a ball right at Levi Wallace for a pick. The Steeler pass rush rattled him and it led to one of the more comfortable Steeler wins of the season. With all that being said, Watson is ranked third on this list because of his time with the Texans.

Before his suspension and departure from Houston, Watson looked like a franchise quarterback, making three pro bowls and even being in the MVP conversation in 2020. However, he's only played 6 games since that 2020 season and there is concern among some Browns fans he may never regain that form again. If he does, he could move up the list. If he doesn't, he could find himself at the bottom of the list.