Ranking all 7 Steelers rookies from worst to best following the 2023 preseason

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With training camp wrapped up, the Steelers are now full steam ahead for the regular season. This team is full of new faces, and among those faces are the rookies. Every rookie saw some semblance of action through training camp, and while some popped, others had some more mixed reviews.

Before the regular season gets underway, I wanted to rank these performances. I’m not compiling a grade per se. Instead, I have ranked their performances and put the Steelers rookies in order from least impressive to most. Here is my ranking of the Steelers rookie class through the preseason.

Steelers seventh-best rookie: Cory Trice

It wasn’t horrible for Cory Trice when he was on the field. The early reports out of training camp were strong, as he looked like an easy mover and was making plays in practice. While it would have been tough to crack the starting lineup, Trice certainly was making an early case to make the roster as a rookie.

The issue is that Trice’s injury history popped up once again. He suffered a significant knee injury that landed him on the injured reserve list and ended his rookie season. While Calvin Austin showed that a rookie injury can be overcome, Trice has a lengthy injury history dealing with his knees.

I was as excited as anybody for what Trice could do for this team. He was great value in the seventh round of the draft, but having his rookie season cut so short means he takes up the bottom of this list. Hopefully, he can overcome this injury and make an impact next season.