Ranking all 7 Steelers rookies from worst to best following the 2023 preseason

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Steelers third-best rookie: Spencer Anderson

While not my biggest surprise on this list (that goes to my number one pick), I am shocked that Spencer Anderson has so quickly become entrenched as a versatile backup. His ability to play all over the line was his calling card at Maryland, but it is still rare for a rookie to be asked to wear so many hats so early in their career.

The first shock was the fact that the Steelers asked Anderson to play tackle off the bat. While it was his primary position in school, the expectation was for a move to the inside. Instead, most of his early snaps were at right tackle, and he even saw snaps at left tackle.

Then the actual preseason games began, and Anderson continued to see snaps all over the field. Against the Buccaneers, he saw snaps at right tackle and both guard spots. Not only did he play all over the field, but he more than held his own. After the solid first game, Anderson continued to flash his versatility, adding center to his resume.

Anderson went from a likely practice squad name to now a roster lock. It is rare for an offensive lineman to be proficient at so many positions. It is even more shocking to see a rookie doing that. Anderson was a pleasant surprise from the get-go. His competence and versatility so early in his career have earned him a high initial grade.