Ranking every Pittsburgh Steelers jersey from worst to best

  • Bumble Bee uniforms actually aren't last
  • Where does today's modern uniform rank?
Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger
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2. 1968-1997 (2018-current throwback) Pittsburgh Steelers "Block Number" Uniform

When you think Steelers football it is hard to not consider their history and their success of the 1970s. Very few teams have seen the long stretch of success that Pittsburgh did when they reigned as a dynasty in the 1970s. They wore those block numbers, and it made the team a simple yet effective design in their black and gold uniforms.

Those eventually would be retired for the more modern rounded number design after nearly thirty years. Recently the black and gold have decided to throwback to their historic dynasty in the 70s by bringing the block numbered jerseys back for a brief appearance each year. Many fans would love for the club to make these the full-time designs again.

1. Late 2000s Pittsburgh Steelers 75th Anniversary Uniform

It all comes down to the best-looking uniform by the Steelers and that was their 75th anniversary throwbacks that they used. It was a throwback to the 1960s as it showed a similar design to the color rush uniforms, but it had white pants instead of all black like the color rush possesses. There was a lot of black and yellow up top and tried to have a balance with white pants.

Perhaps the best thing that this uniform possessed was the yellow helmet that strayed away from any other uniforms the Steelers have done. Until then, the helmet of choice was always black no matter the throwback or jersey chosen. It was truly unique, and people love unique looks and that is exactly what the yellow helmet did for this team.

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