Ranking the Steelers 2024 opponents from easiest to toughest this season

The Steelers 2024 schedule just got announced. Their opponents get ranked from easiest to toughest for this season.
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Steeler's 2024 schedule just dropped, and they have one of the toughest in the NFL this season. They will travel the most out of any team, and that will put a tool on the players. We will see how all of the new faces in Pittsburgh can adapt to adversity as each week passes. Even though they have a tough schedule, some opponents are going to be easier than others.

Week 8: New York Giants vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Kicking off as the perceived easiest opponent in 2024 for the Steelers is none other than the New York Giants. This one is at home for Pittsburgh, and they will face a team that could be crumbling this year. It seems like another failed season for the Giants will result in them firing a lot of people. Daniel Jones isn't a great quarterback, so it should be the easiest on their schedule.

Week 10: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Washington Commanders

Coming in as a close second are the Washinton Commanders for easiest on the schedule. Jayden Daniels will be the difference-maker here. If he can figure out the NFL quickly then he could make this a challenge. It is in Washington, but they don't have the best home-field advantage. Expect the Steeler's defense to make life hard on Daniels.

Week 2: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Denver Broncos

Everyone is excited about Russell Wilson's return to Denver. He hopes that he can cause sweet revenge by getting the Steelers a win against the Broncos. Right now, it seems like Denver doesn't know where to go with their team. They have three quarterbacks, but none of them are great options. Wilson and Pittsburgh should be able to get their revenge.

Week 6: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Las Vegas Raiders

There are a lot of question marks around the Raiders and whether their new Head coach can carry over his success from last season. Their quarterback situation is one of the worst in the NFL, so that should give the Steelers a boost in this one. Las Vegas has a couple of quality players on defense, which could cause some problems.

Week 1: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Atlanta Falcons

Starting the season on the road in Atlanta for the Steelers as they go up against Kirk Cousins. It will be a challenging game, but it will come down to whichever team can win in the trenches. We know the Falcons don't have a loaded defensive front, but they do have a quality secondary. One would have to imagine the black and gold have the advantage in the trenches.

Week 3: LA Chargers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

At least this one isn't on the West Coast for the Steelers as they normally play poorly over there. Justin Herbert is still a quality quarterback, but their receiving core is completely unproven. They do have an improving offensive line, but the interior of their group is questionable. This will be a tough outing for the home team in this contest, but they have the better roster to overcome.

Week 4: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Indianapolis Colts

Mike Tomlin has been great at coaching against the Colts throughout his career. Last year they fell in Indianapolis, but things could be different this time around. They will face Anthony Richardson, who has only started three games heading into his second year. An unproven quarterback creates a boom-or-bust team, and the Steelers will challenge him.

Weeks 12 & 14: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

It will be interesting to see what kind of team the Browns are this season. They made the playoffs last year with a couple of quarterbacks coming out of the woodwork. We will see if Deshaun Watson can finally get back to the form that he was at years ago. The Steelers should be able to win at least one of these games, but they could push for both if Watson can't improve.

Week 7: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers

We start getting into difficult territory here as Aaron Rodgers will be back from his season-ending injury from last year. We will see if he can stay healthy this time around, but the Jets are a well-constructed team. The Steelers will be playing on Sunday night at home, so that should help them. It is going to be difficult to defend against Rodgers.

Week 13 & 18: Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Not one but two battles against the Bengals over five weeks. That is difficult as is, but it only intensifies with how many divisional games are loaded at the end of the AFC North schedule. Joe Burrow is back for Cincinnati and that should automatically catapult them into first or second place in the division. Unless Burrow gets hurt again, expect the Bengals to give the Steelers problems.

Week 5: Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers

A huge year in Dallas as their outcome could directly affect their staff and quarterback situation going forward. Playing Dallas at home might help some, but the Cowboys still have a strong team heading into the year. We will see what version of Dak Prescott shows up as he is either playing at a high level or someone who is costing his team in big moments. This one being early in the schedule could be an issue.

Week 15: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles

The black and gold have routinely struggled to find success on the road against the Eagles throughout their history. The Steelers will have another challenge in front of them in week 15 as they go face the Eagles in Philadelphia. The Eagles are a team in transition right now with a couple of keystone pieces retiring this past offseason. They seemed to have done a nice job replacing those guys, so this one will be a challenge.

Week 11 & 16: Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

This many AFC North divisional games to close out the schedule is a tough pill to swallow. Pittsburgh will play Baltimore twice in about a month while also taking on some high-caliber teams in between these contests. Expect both the Steelers and Ravens to be missing players out of the lineup due to injury by this point in their schedules. Both are going to be the normal "punch you in the mouth" matchups.

Week 17: Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers

We finish our ranking with the toughest opponent on the Steelers 2024 schedule, the Kansas City Chiefs. This one will be played in Pittsburgh on Christmas Day. Expect many fans of the black and gold to have a sad Christmas. Unless the Chiefs are having massive injury issues, Patrick Mahomes and company will roll through this one. Add in the fact that the Steelers play the Ravens four days prior and it's a recipe for disaster.

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