Ranking the Steelers offensive linemen from strongest to weakest as upgrades join in

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3. Mason Cole is a great leader, but his position could be upgraded

One thing that this inexperienced group on the offensive line was in desperate need of last offseason was leadership. Mason Cole was signed to a two-year contract in free agency and provided an upgrade at center. Many had question marks when this signing was announced as Cole was mostly a journeyman around the NFL to that point in his career.

Another interesting thing that this veteran provided to the black and gold was his position flexibility. He had plenty of starts at both guard and center across his career. Cole enters his final season under contract with Pittsburgh with a full bill of health after dealing with a nagging foot injury for most of last season. He is not a pro bowl level starter, but he provides good leadership and consistent play.

Plenty of interior offensive linemen have been getting close attention from the Steelers draft process. Guard seems to be off the table for now, but adding a center could make a lot of sense for a multitude of reasons. Cole is a solid contributor, but he is only under contract for another season. Adding a quality rookie could provide an upgrade in play, plus be on a cheaper contract for the foreseeable future.