Ranking the Steelers offensive linemen from strongest to weakest as upgrades join in

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4. Dan Moore Jr. should be concerned about losing his starting job

Most will be up in arms with the thought that Dan Moore Jr. is not the worst offensive lineman on the offensive line. It was a close second, as this tackle has struggled ever since entering the NFL. In fairness, this player has been asked to climb Mount Everest without any tanks of air at his disposal. There have been plenty of chances for him to succeed, but there have also been plenty of chances to fail as well.

Most of the blame should go in the direction of Moore as he continues to show his inability to be a starting left tackle in the NFL. He was a fourth-round selection that got blessed by fire in his rookie season. He is still relatively young, but he cannot be a franchise left tackle, that is just not the type of player that he is.

Well, maybe Moore is not the answer on the left side, but there could be other spots that he could help fill. Having him as your swing tackle would be a nice addition to your depth if you can add an upgrade through the draft. Maybe have an open mind about him sliding over to the right side and battling Chuks Okorafor for the starting spot there. Perhaps things will get a little easier for him there, or maybe he is coming to the end of his road as a starter.