Ranking the Steelers offensive linemen from strongest to weakest as upgrades join in

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5. Chuks Okorafor has too much job stability with the Steelers right now

Pittsburgh was put in a tough position last offseason as they either re-signed Chuks Okorafor during free agency or got stuck with another pressing need. Bringing him back might not have been the worst business plan, but it was not the most reliable one either. Most should be begging the black and gold to solve the issues at left and right tackle this offseason.

That might be too lofty of a goal to accomplish so it seems like Okorafor and Moore could be the options to start on one side of the line. This veteran tackle will be entering his fifth season in the NFL, and he is still only 25 years old. He is still young, but he has limited out as the player that he is going to be at this level of competition.

Somehow Okorafor graded out worse than Moore did last year, and that should be a major cause for concern. Both sack and penalties allotted between the two is staggering, but it does lean heavily toward Moore in that instance. It seems like the plan of action is drafting a tackle early to cement on the left side, while Okorafor remains on the right side. Perhaps his job should not be solidified. Having Moore compete for that job could bring out some solid competition during the pre-season.

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