Ranking the Steelers potential Kenny Pickett replacements from least to most likely

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Kyler Murray is another Kenny Pickett replacement that probably won't happen

Another potential name that could be available this offseason might be Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals. He has missed most of the season due to injury, but he seems to be starting to come back to form after a couple of weeks of playing catch-up. The Steelers witnessed him and all the abilities that he possesses when Murray beat them a couple of weeks back.

He still has it, but the issue following Murray is his lack of consistency. Some have also questioned his dedication to his craft. That could be a big concern for his career moving forward. One thing is for sure, the rest of this season will play a big role in what happens with Murray going forward. He has a ton of talent, but he needs to show that he can have that each week.

Maybe the loss to the Cardinals could have a silver lining if Murray would either be traded or cut from Arizona this offseason and joined the Steelers. He is an explosive player with both his legs and his arm. He has a lot of talent to work with, and would at least jump this stale offense in Pittsburgh to new possibilities. That's if he is available.

He may remain in the desert, especially if he plays well during the final games of the schedule ahead. The Steelers might not want to pay his astronomical price tag since he got extended by the Cardinals. Both of those things could be a big reason why this scenario could fall apart. Arizona will likely look to see if they can move Murray, but it will be hard for them to find a deal.